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Investment Strategies for the New Normal

Investment strategies and tips you can use right now.

Investment Strategies for the New Normal-featured

Investment Strategies for the New Normal

  • 17:00
  • Webinar - Across Europe

Are you look for investment strategies and tips you can use right now? If so this webinar is for you!

The world is forever changing and evolving. With the rise of economic challenges, fintech, environmental, and geopolitical issues, the world of investing has evidently also been impacted. In today’s world, you’ve gotta be one step ahead of the game and be constantly maximizing your opportunities. As the saying goes if you’re not moving forwards your moving backward.

Imperative to remember, however, that the strategies of how one approaches their investment strategies have to have that fine balance between adapting to the constant changes and being consistent with your long term objectives.

In this very special webinar we’ll discuss, in the specific context of expats and international professionals in Europe:

  • What is next for the world’s financial markets and global economies
  • What impact does that have on how you invest your money?
  • What are the increased risks and hidden opportunities which exist in today’s investment landscape?
  • Long term considerations for your investments
  • Optimal strategies to manage your assets and investments.
  • Adapting to this new environment and how the decisions you will make will impact your long-term financial future.
  • Specific considerations for expats

In an ever changing globalized world it’s important to stay flexible, adaptive and make informed decisions (based on data) in order to reach a brighter stronger financial future for yourself.

Our free webinar will help you understand how to deal with the threats and take advantage of the opportunities in the same way the pros do!

When & Where?

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 @ 17.00 CEST.




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We are independently owned fee-based financial planners working with ex-pats throughout Europe.

Our European head office is in Amsterdam and we hold a fully independent investment firm license under the Dutch regulator, the AFM. We are licensed and approved across Europe. We deliver expert advice for the specific and unique needs of international professionals.

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