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Incredible Tax Tips & Deductions for Expats Living in The Netherlands

The most awesome tips about tax in NL to help you minimize that hefty tax bill!

Incredible Tax Tips & Deductions for Expats Living in The Netherlands

Incredible Tax Tips & Deductions for Expats Living in The Netherlands

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  • Webinar

It’s no secret that while living in The Netherlands you have to pay taxes. And at times these taxes can be…shall we say: high.

Keep in mind however people complain about taxes because they don’t know how to minimize their tax bill and don’t do things the right way. Examples include, failing to file your taxes on time or misinterpreting Dutch tax rules, or simply put not being well informed. Many internationals leave loads of money on the table and the Dutch tax authority and tax code can actually be quite reasonable or even advantageous, if you know what to do.

In this webinar we will teach you about tax tips as well as deductions you may not know ever existed.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Childcare allowance: How it works and how to maximize it
  • 30% ruling issues when you have been living in The Netherlands already (yes you can save it!)
  • How your pension contributions can be used as tax deductions
  • How buying a house can MASSIVELY reduce your tax bill
  • Education & Medical bills – the holy grail of tax deductions
  • Entrepreneurship and starting a business tax credits & deductions, ideal for first time freelancers and entrepreneurs
  • Surprise tips: tax-free relocation allowance, employer fitness, parties at work
  • Averaging taxable income over 3 years can result in a tax refund
  • Is submitting personal income tax return voluntarily wise? Partner tax return!
  • Submitting personal income tax return: always in immi- and emigration year!

Filing your taxes can be super scary or it can be the moment where you can feel proud of how little tax you have paid. The choice really is yours, and it’s all about having the right knowledge and help. This is why we have enlisted the help of our dear friends at Zirkzee to share their decades of experience.



About the Speaker

Zirkzee Group is a tax and accounting firm which believes in a different approach to the services it provides. These services cover all the financial and fiscal matters that every expat and entrepreneur has to deal with. Zirkzee is someone who actually cares and that makes all the difference to your life abroad! Having an extensive network it can be of great effect getting in touch with them!