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Ensuring a Soft Landing For Your New Employees

Find the right people and keep them motivated!

Ensuring a Soft Landing For Your New Employees

Ensuring a Soft Landing For Your New Employees

  • 13:00
  • Webinar

Hiring and relocating people from abroad comes with its challenges, to say the least. After investing so much time to get that right hire and going through the permits and paperwork, you will want to make sure they have a smooth transition to ensure they are happy and motivated in their new role. A negative relocation experience can make the employee feel poorly treated and not as motivated, leading to lost work time. The worst thing that can happen is a phenomenon known as ‘Expat Failure’ in which the international quits in the first few weeks due to a poor experience with their relocation or HR department!

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through all the things you can do to make sure your new hire is happy, comfortable, motivated, doesn’t feel too homesick and has a good relocation experience, aka a soft landing. After all, finding the right people and keeping them motivated these days is hard.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the following:

  • How to communicate and be proactive with your new hire
  • Setting expectations
  • Having the right outlook and cultural sensitivity
  • Housing & accommodation options
    • Short, medium & long-term stay options
    • Hotels & Airbnb
    • Finding and settling them into an apartment
  • Helpful tips for relocating employees alone or with their families
  • Providing and receiving value for money
  • Registering at city hall
  • Airport pickup options to make your employee feel valued
  • Providing your new hire with the right resources
  • HR tips & tricks (The devil is in the details!)
  • Evaluating the success

Relocating employees to your Dutch office can be difficult for you and your new hire, or it can be a delightful and smooth experience. The initial integration of your employee can set the tone for the duration of the relationship, so it’s important to start the relationship right. Join us, and we’ll show you how!



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