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Get your Finances Ready for 2020!

Make 2020 your year!

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Get your Finances Ready for 2020!

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  • Webinar - Across Europe

Earn more money, or save more money, often is a top New Year’s resolution on people’s lists. However, many postpone dealing with their financial situation until tax season and tend to procrastinate preparing for their desired future. Unfortunately, waiting until the last minute to try to utilize key tax-saving strategies does not usually work well, or they might not even be available at all.

December and January, however, are the perfect months to get your finances in order, assess where you can save some money (health insurance for example) and to reevaluate your investment portfolio and retirement schemes.

Especially when you have experienced or expect to experience a major life-altering event, such as recently having moved to another country – or planning to move away, marriage, divorce, a baby, having bought or planning to buy a house, or starting your own business!

Beacon Financial is happy to get you some tips to get started, to help you with improving your financial health and to provide you with a 2020 timeline that will help you to stay motivated and on track all year long.

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Doing your finances is more challenging as an expat, usually having to report taxes in more than one country (especially when you are an American or U.S. connected person) or having accumulated pension plans in several countries.

Topics in the Webinar

We will discuss the following topics, which will have an impact on your personal finances and preparing your taxes:

  • Offsetting tax liabilities with an investment portfolio
  • Preparing for marriage, divorce and children
  • Planning to buy a house (restriction of depreciation on real estate) or move elsewhere
  • Understanding multiple pensions and how they affect your taxes
  • Getting your finances and tax papers in order
  • 2020 Income limits for Roth IRA contributions and 401k/ IRA rollovers
  • How to prepare for the 2020 tax season

and much more… our consultants are there to answer any questions you may have, during the Q&A afterwards.