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Get Unstuck and Find Your Path – Webinar

Life has many paths, important to choose the one that best suits you!


Get Unstuck and Find Your Path Webinar

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  • Webinar

You are an international professional (or their spouse) who has been working abroad for a while; you’ve had interesting jobs, and have enjoyed your life in a different country. However, all these new experiences have caused you to rethink your life & career, especially where you’d like to go next.

Sometimes you feel stuck, frustrated, paralyzed and unsure if you are on the right track. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing the best path forward? And more, how to walk it with confidence?

In this very special webinar, Natália Leal will show you the key elements to consider in aligning your career and life priorities and how to challenge yourself to go beyond your current situation. After all, it’s about knowing what really matters and putting words into action in a timely manner. Life is short, after all. So make the most out of the precious time you have on this earth!

In this webinar, we’ll discuss

  • Seeking and finding clarity regarding what matters most in your life and career;
  • Discovering and understanding the assets and right mindset to get you going;
  • Designing a plan with concrete steps regarding the path forward!


19:00 – 19:30 Presentation by Natália Leal

19:30 – 20:30 Q&A



About The Speaker

Natália Leal is a Career & Life Coach offering tailored individual and group coaching paths for open-minded internationals. She combines tools from different fields to take her clients from being stuck to feeling confident about the next steps in their lives and careers. Natália not only offers information, but also implementation support, so clients can avoid all the worry, frustration, time spent and effort wasted in ‘trial & error’ phases instead of enjoying their journey.