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3 Steps to Finding Your Dream Career in Midlife

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Are you contemplating a career change in midlife? Whether you’re seeking more fulfillment, better work-life balance, or simply a new challenge, finding your dream career in midlife can be a transformative journey. Here are three crucial steps to help you transition smoothly and successfully into a role that brings you joy and satisfaction.

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Step 1: Identify Skills from Current/Past Roles

The first step in discovering your dream career is to take a comprehensive inventory of the skills you’ve acquired in your current and past roles. These skills are your assets, and understanding them will help you see how versatile and valuable you are.

Reflect on Your Experiences: Consider all your professional experiences, including full-time jobs, part-time roles, volunteer work, and even hobbies. Identify the tasks you excelled at and enjoyed the most.

List Your Skills: Write down both hard skills (technical abilities, software proficiency, etc.) and soft skills (communication, leadership, problem-solving). Don’t overlook the transferable skills applicable across various industries, such as project management, strategic planning, and teamwork.

Seek Feedback: Ask colleagues, supervisors, and mentors for feedback on your strengths. Sometimes, others can see our strengths more clearly than we can.

For more detailed guidance on identifying and leveraging your skills, download my e-guide, “Translating Your Skills into Your Dream Career.”

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Step 2: Explore Careers Utilizing Those Skills

Once you have a clear understanding of your skills, the next step is to explore careers where those skills are highly valued and utilized.

Research Potential Careers: Use online resources, career assessment tools, and industry reports to identify roles that match your skill set. Websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and the Dutch job portal Indeed.nl can provide insights into job requirements and industry trends.

Network with Professionals: Connect with individuals already working in your fields of interest. Attend industry events, join professional groups on LinkedIn, and reach out for informational interviews. Expat communities in the Netherlands can be incredibly supportive and offer valuable networking opportunities.

Consider Additional Training: If your dream career requires skills you don’t yet possess, look into courses or certifications that can bridge the gap. Many institutions in the Netherlands offer flexible learning options for expats.

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Step 3: Highlight Skills Over Job Titles in Your Resume/Materials

When it comes to presenting yourself to potential employers, emphasizing your skills rather than your previous job titles can make a significant difference.

Revamp Your Resume: Create a skills-based resume that showcases your abilities and achievements. Group your skills into categories and provide specific examples of how you’ve applied them in various roles. This approach highlights your versatility and capability.

Craft a Compelling LinkedIn Profile: Your LinkedIn profile should reflect your skills and career aspirations. Use the “Skills” section to list your key competencies and ask for endorsements from colleagues. Share content related to your fields of interest to demonstrate your engagement and expertise.

Tailor Your Application Materials: Customize your resume and cover letter for each job application, focusing on the skills and experiences most relevant to the role. Highlight how your background uniquely qualifies you for the position and how you can add value to the organization.

Embarking on the journey to find your dream career in midlife can be both exciting and challenging. By identifying your skills, exploring relevant careers, and emphasizing your abilities in your application materials, you can navigate this transition with confidence. Remember, your dream career is not just about finding a job that pays the bills but about discovering a role that resonates with your passions and strengths. Good luck!

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