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Women in Tech (Men Welcome!) – Professional Networking

  • 19:00
  • House of Watt, Wattstraat 72 Amsterdam

Dear All,

It is with great pleasure that we bring you: Women in Tech – Professional Networking!

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Throughout the ages humanity has overcome many challenging problems. This is and was due to one thing and one thing alone: Innovation. We attribute this innovation to the many great minds and pioneers throughout the ages such as Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. Today, millions of people in the tech industry go to work everyday and move humanity a step closer to a brighter and more advanced future.

With western economies experiencing an ever larger aging population and a shrinking workforce it is critical that we focus on having as many minds as possible working towards that brighter future.

Women makeup approximately 50% percent of the human population yet approximately only 20% of tech jobs are held by women.

It is without a doubt that humanity could be hundreds of years more advance if there were more great minds working on the various problems of today to make a better tomorrow. This is why this event matters!

At Expat Republic we want to break the conventional stigmas plaguing the tech industry and bring more bright female minds to this field!

Who is this event for?

  • Those who believe in the mission we’ve stated above (obviously!)
  • Professionals who can bring their knowledge and experience around the topic at hand
  • HR professionals struggling to have a more diverse workforce
  • Educators
  • Professionals looking to grow their professional network
  • Professional women looking to get into the tech field
  • Employees of companies with a focus on hiring more women in tech
  • Investors looking to invest in women owned businesses
  • People concerned about the future of humanity :o)

The event will be a professional networking style event, no topic is taboo, we want to change the status quo. Bring your knowledge and experience. We are a group of people who believe that the world would be a better place if the world’s current education and corporate infrastructure fostered an environment where more women were involved in tech!

For registration and to join this magnificent event:

See you,

Expat Republic Team