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PQ Mental Fitness Masterclass

Use the power of your mind to reclaim control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.


PQ Mental Fitness Masterclass

  • 19:00
  • Webinar

Do you find yourself getting in your own way? Experiencing stress, loss of productivity, anxiety or lack of energy? Are you struggling with negative, critical voices in your head causing you to ruminate, persistently rationalise and over-analyse? Do you feel like you are sabotaging your performance, relationships and happiness?

Then the 8-week PQ Mental Fitness Program is for you!

Discover how inner Saboteurs are messing with your performance, well-being and relationships and how you can activate another part of you brain, your Sage, allowing you to live your life more in tune with what you need, want and desire.

During this Masterclass I aim to give an overview of the 8-week PQ Mental Fitness Program, what it can bring you and answer any questions you may have.

Check out the 8-week PQ Mental Fitness Program