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Building Wealth – Money Matters Workshop and Q&A

The things you should have learned about money but didn’t

Mondey Matters Seminar-featured

Building Wealth – Money Matters Workshop and Q&A

  • Herengracht 282 | Amsterdam

Building Wealth in The Netherlands

Moving abroad poses it’s unique set of challenges. What you probably don’t always have time for is to sit down, budget, plan and improve your overall financial situation. There’s just so much information out there whether it be the 30% ruling or figuring out the taxes on your inheritance or how you will plan a strategy to earn more money or start that business you’ve always wanted. Remember it’s not always how hard you work, it’s about how hard your money works for you. You don’t need to earn a lot to build wealth, we’ll show you how it’s done!

The Netherlands is the place to be

With it’s unique rules and fiscal policies, the Netherlands is the ideal place to build wealth and have an awesome financial future, you just need to know how. We’ll discuss the strategies the pros use and how you can use the fact that you’re a foreigner to your advantage!

Topics we’ll discuss to help you build wealth:

  • Improve your balance between saving, borrowing and investing
  • Understand capital gains tax in The Netherlands and how you can build wealth
  • Learn what Dutch rules mean to your income and expenses
  • See how property, pensions, and cash can fit into your plans
  • How does your foreign passport impact your life in the Netherlands
  • Cash flow and how to keep it under control
  • How to manage your money when interest rates are negative
  • The Dutch 30% tax ruling, what it means for you, and how to manage it, including life without it
  • Do you buy a house or do you invest? (or both)
  • How to know whether to invest or pay off debts, or both
  • Financial security and how best to manage your savings
  • The importance of liquidity for international professionals
  • Goal based investing, making your money work for you
  • The impact your passport has on your international life, including how you can invest. Special topics for Americans, Brits and anyone else with specific questions
  • Bring all your questions for jargon free answers from the experts

Ask your own questions

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When: Tuesday, December 3

Time: 19:00 – 21:00

Where: Herengracht 282 | Amsterdam

Register: HERE

About the Speakers & Black Swan Capital

Black Swan Capital was created to bring a fresh approach to financial services for international professionals. We believe internationals deserve a better deal. We are independent and licensed here in The Netherlands. Whether you are an American worried about FATCA, a Brit worried about Brexit, or an international professional outside their home country who would like to make some improvements to their financial life, Black Swan is the ideal partner in getting there. We are here to break through the jargon and acronyms that can make the financial world seem difficult.

David Bellingham

David is CEO of Black Swan Capital and as a financial advisor has worked with many clients to reach their financial goals. A proven business leader and a friend of the expat community David has amassed a wealth of knowledge over more than two decades of experience. As an expat himself, he has mastered the art of advising and guiding expatriates on matters of money and finance.

Ed Mainwaring-Burton

Ed is a long time standing financial professional with excellent knowledge of the financial markets, financial structuring, and strategic investments. A long time expatriate himself, as well, Ed has helped thousands of expatriates build the right financial portfolio in order to achieve their financial goals. He contributes regularly to a number of financial publications due to his vast and extensive knowledge. Ed has an extensive network and is very resourceful, definitely a friend you want to have in your corner!

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