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Meet & Mingle – Expat Republic Drinks

Meet & Mingle

Expat Republic Drinks - March 14 2020

Meet & Mingle – Expat Republic Drinks

  • 20:00
  • Pavlov Bar Den Haag | Spui 173 | Den Haag

Join us for an evening of meeting and mingling! This event is for those looking to enjoy great laid back fun on a Saturday night! You will awesomely have the chance to connect, hang and laugh with great people at a nice cozy venue. The ideal way to get a change of scenery and have a blast!

Time & Place:

We’ll be meeting at Pavlov Bar at 20:00. The last event was so much fun and so we’ve decided to do it again!

For the shy ones: please come tap me on the shoulder personally (Karim) and I’ll introduce you to some great people.

Please note we’ll be meeting upstairs ask for Expat Republic, we’ve got the area for ourselves, with our own bar!

FYI: Everyone pays for their own consumption. Please let us know if you’ll be attending by registering. Spots are limited!

Put a smile on your face and join us alone or with friends!

See you there!

Expat Republic Team

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See you,

Expat Republic and Yeti & The Fox

Expat Republic Drinks - March 14 2020