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Buying that Dream House in The Netherlands

A cozy housing seminar for a maximum of 12 people. With Social Distancing.

Dream House in the Netherlands - 25 June 2020

Buying that Dream House in The Netherlands

  • 19:00
  • Waalstraat 15 | Amsterdam

Special Safety Measures are in effect for this event. We expect everyone to follow the rules.

  • Wash your hands before attending the event.
  • If you have any symptoms entry will be denied. Please be responsible.
  • There will be a maximum of 15 people allowed. So no more will be allowed in after that. No ticket no entry.
  • Please bring a mask with you to the event, one that covers your nose and mouth
  • You will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entry.
  • If you cough or sneeze, please do so into a tissue or into your elbow.
  • Do not touch your face in any way shape or form.
  • The space will be cleaned beforehand.
  • 1.5 meters distancing will be enforced.
  • For those in the high health risk category, we will be recording and will provide one afterward. If you would like that send us an e-mail to hello@expatrepublic.com and we’ll send you the link.
  • Please read the Dutch government guidelines
  • We need to bond in solidarity and follow the rules.

Buying a Property in The Netherlands

Buying a property can be really painful or really exciting, it all depends on how you go about it. With so many rules and procedures in The Netherlands, many houses on the market and so many people bidding, it’s hard to know what to do or where to start!

If you’re looking to buy your dream home in The Netherlands, then look no further, we’ve got the ultimate coziest housing seminar for you yet. With a maximum of 12 people, you’ll get private focused advice for your buying needs. Also, a nice way to meet other people and learn about the real estate market and processes together in a fun and cozy way!

In this seminar, we’ll discuss

  • How to go about looking for a property
  • Neighborhood guide
  • The costs involved with buying a property
  • Securing a mortgage (If you think you have a special case let us know in advance so we can help you and be prepared!)
  • How to bid on a property and negotiating
  • The steps involved with the buying process
  • Pitfalls to look out for
  • Tips, Tricks, and best practices
  • Finalizing and wrapping things up

Make sure you register before it’s too late as spots are really limited (max 15 people!)



About the speakers:

Jarl Brouwer is a real estate agent with IQ Makelaars, he has over 10 years of experience and has helped many expats purchase their very own piece of the Netherlands. A really nice guy who fights for his clients!

Martin ten Hagen is a seasoned Mortgage advisor and financial professional who has helped loads of expats over the years secure a mortgage. He will run you through the process of getting a mortgage and the things to look out for. His extensive knowledge of banking and mortgages is an asset, you’ll definitely want to pick his brain!

Ronald Klapwijk is senior manager in retail banking at NIBC with a broad range of experiences in residential mortgages, consumer finance, and savings.

Dream House in the Netherlands - IQ Makelaars