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3 Steps to Retirement: International Retirement Planning

Enjoy a relaxing retirement without having to worry about money


3 Steps to Retirement: International Retirement Planning

  • 14:00
  • Webinar

Retirement planning can often seem a long way off and might seem like a lot of effort, especially for expats.

With global pensions under pressure, it’s more important than ever to get started early to secure your future so you can enjoy your final years.

Join us for this very special webinar on retirement planning for expats, where speaker, Luke Staden, has simplified retirement planning into 3 easy to understand steps!


Introduction to Why Retirement Planning is Essential

  • The state of global retirement plans and pensions
  • Increasing age vs declining birth rates

Step 1. Creating Retirement Goals

  • Create clear financial targets based on personal objectives
  • Accounting for inflation
  • The 4% rule

Step 2. How to Create a Retirement Plan

  • How to calculate your current assets future value
  • Understanding how much you’ll need to invest by retirement
  • Calculating your current retirement shortfall
  • Creating a plan to overcome your shortfall

Step 3. Managing Your Retirement Plan

  • Where do you invest; Pensions, Local investment Schemes or International platforms?
  • Double taxation agreements
  • How to manage and merge multiple state and private pensions together
  • When to get started and the value of time as an asset.
  • How to manage risk throughout the life of the retirement plan.


14:00 – 15:00 – Luke Staden Presentation & Q&A



About the Speaker

Luke Staden is a licensed financial advisor with extensive experience in the Dutch, German and UK markets and has helped many expatriates plan their financial future. He is passionate about investing and even more so about helping internationals reach their financial goals & dreams!