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Pickup Football with FC Urban

  • 11:00
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Hey Football Players!

We’ll be meeting up on Saturday August 18th for a Special Expat Republic football match! All expat football players welcome! We’ll be hosting the matches with FC Urban so you can play with other locals as well!

For the Match on August 18th @ 11:00 am, please register via:

If you can’t join on August 18th no worries please pick another match at

About FC Urban

FC Urban is a football platform where players all around the Netherlands come together to play 5 aside football. There’s no obligation and you can play when you like. There’s also no fixed contract or membership fees, you can cancel when you like. The football pitches are conveniently located in urban parks and centers so easy to access. If you like to play Football in the city ; FC Urban is a Football platform where you can play Football everyday!